Old Hickory Regular Barbecue Sauce - Pint

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Our smaller bottle of our original "best of the better sauces." Our original barbecue sauce is unlike any other sauce on the market. Homemade and bottled in Southern Arkansas with southern traditions, this sauce is packed with bold flavors that make it great for dipping, smothering, or traditional basting on your favorite grilled or smoked meats. It is also great on chicken wings, as a supplement to spaghetti sauce in pastas, on seafood, in baked beans, and as a cocktail sauce. This pint decanter is great for an introduction into the world of Old Hickory! Free shipping on orders of $15.00 or more!!!



(9 reviews) Write a Review

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    Great barbecue sauce. Really like the unique taste.

    Posted by James McAllister on Jul 28th 2020

    Been using this sauce over 50 years except for when it wasn't produced for a short period.

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    Old Hickory barbecue sauce

    Posted by Nancy Reynolds on Jul 8th 2020

    Old Hickory is our favorite bbq sauce. You cannot find a better flavored sauce.

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    Old Hickory BBQ

    Posted by Jerry Jerome on Jun 12th 2020

    When I was a small child back in WWII I started eating Old Hickory barbecue at the Whit Parker's barbecue stand on Highway 7 near El Dorado, and since then I've tasted a lot of barbecue sauces. None have ever been as good as Old Hickory. It's the best there is because it's not loaded with cloying sweeteners. It's what barbecue sauce should be, sharp and savory. Most barbecue sauces available today are nothing but an overly sugared ketchup with a couple of extra spices added. Old Hickory barbecue sauce has a unique, delightful flavor not matched by any other. It amazes me that it is now being produced in my hometown of Smackover. I'm so happy it's available again.

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    Not the Original Recipe

    Posted by Randy Hogan on May 14th 2020

    First of all, it appears that the quart size bottles are no longer for sale here. This is a shame, as the pint is far too expensive. $5.99 for a pint and the twice-the-size quart bottle was $6.78.

    Secondly, both my older brothers say this is not the same recipe as the original Old Hickory. They said it doesn't look or taste like it. I still enjoy this sauce, especially on chicken, but will not pay the current price for such a small amount. Walmart sells it for half this price. I don't see why the manufacturer's direct price is higher than a retail outlet.

    Answer from Old Hickory:

    Mr. Hogan. We appreciate the 4 Star Review! We wanted to address a couple of your concerns.

    First, we will assure you that this is the same original barbecue sauce that was created back in the 1940s from long ago. The recipe has not changed. The label has changed slightly, but not the sauce recipe. Thousands across South Arkansas and the country would agree with us!

    Secondly, we do not offer our quart decanter on the online shopping platform anymore because we had an increased number of breakage in bottles over our pint size decanter. Our pint sized bottle is much easier on us and our customers for shipping. Our quart size is sold locally in grocery stores in retail.

    Third, our product is not for sale on the Walmart website or in Walmart stores as of right now. We were at one time on the Walmart website, but had continual issues with their on boarding and getting started. The issue was that we would submit the information for our products in their portal system, but when it showed on their website it would say mistakenly that we were out of stock. I will reiterate Walmart currently does not sell our products. We have never sold a single bottle of sauce to Walmart.

    Finally, the pricing structure you see on our online website was changed at the beginning of this year in 2020. We assure you it was in the benefit of our customers who cannot find our sauces at their local stores. We now offer free shipping, whereas before we charged for shipping. What we found is that if a customer placed an order at regular retail price, their shipping was 3 times the price they were paying for the sauce. In addition, they had to buy a large amount of product to make shipping more feasible. Yes the individual price per bottle has increased slightly, but we assure you, our customers are benefiting from this pricing and shipping change, not Old Hickory.

    Our customers are always our first concern and we are not in the business of price gouging.

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    Our favorite

    Posted by Janice Swint on May 5th 2020

    We grew up in El Dorado and loved going to the Old Hickory restaurant. Their beans and sandwiches were the very best we have ever had anywhere. I can now make a fantastic barbecue sandwich at home.

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    Old Hickory BBQ Sauce

    Posted by Janet on Apr 29th 2020

    The BBQ sauce is great as always. It's been our favorite forever. So glad we can order directly. Super Fast Delivery!!!

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    Nothing like it

    Posted by Phillip Willis on Feb 26th 2020

    It is the very best. Thinner than most with vinegar and I think some mustard. I've been using it for 60 years. Started getting it at the Mad Butcher in Warren, AR.

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    The Legacy Continues!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 19th 2019

    I grew up in South Arkansas enjoying Old Hickory BBQ sauce. I now live in Texas and I am glad it is once again available for purchase. Any kind of BBQ, seafood, it is great on anything. It is kinda expensive to ship but the sauce is as good now as it was 40 years ago.

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    tasts like the original .

    Posted by Dana Parker on Dec 21st 2017

    My grand dad started Old Hickory barbecue in Eldorado My dad Charles Parker and brother Robert owned and operated the restaurant , sauce co, frozen foods and skating rink . This was the only sauce I ever knew until I was grown . The recipe supposedly was bought from an old gipsy woman and we still make it form time to time It still tastes the same , the label and bottle are very close to the same . My dad drove a yellow chevy truck with the squirrel log and old hickory on the doors . They never had much luck marketing it in grocery stores but did have a few local stores that would carry it . If I'm ever down that way I will stop in . Thanks

Try it out! We hope you love Old Hickory as much as we do!