Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread



Many of you may be asking a question that we run into every so often: "What is hot water cornbread?" Well simply put, a very simple hot water cornbread is made by mixing "hot" water and cornmeal into a batter, which is then generally fried, and historically fried in a skillet. Our hot water cornbread is hand-made in South Arkansas, with its signature 3 finger indentation where each individual dollop was patted down by hand.

Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread is a frozen product that comes out of the fryer with a crispy outer shell and a very moist and soft center. It is buttery and savory and will keep you reaching for more and more! It goes great with any fish fry and works extremely well as a replacement for hush puppies! It is also a great side item with beans, soups, or really any meal.

You can find it at your local grocer throughout portions of Arkansas, Louisiana, East Texas and Mississippi! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us!


Big Daddy's History:

In the early 2000's, Old South Cornbread Company was formed by Mr. John Gross and Mr. T.D. Lawrence in El Dorado, AR where they began producing Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread. Through the next decade-plus, the company and the product gained a large following, with customers in Arkansas, East Texas, Louisiana, West Mississippi and other surrounding states.


Here is a bit of history on the product straight from the original owners themselves:

"Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread is located in El Dorado, Arkansas. It was started several years ago by two old boys who apparently had too much time on their hands. They spent a lot of time messing up their kitchens and irritating friends and family into trying their latest recipe. Soon, they all got caller id, peepholes in their doors, and guard dogs to keep us away. Undeterred, we persevered until we got it right. All of our cornbread is handmade in South Arkansas and is distributed across Arkansas and surrounding states."


In, 2017, the original owners of Old South Cornbread decided that "retirement comes for every old boy" (their words) and began to look for someone who would carry on their legacy of producing the best hot water cornbread you can buy. It was only natural that another local food manufacturer in South Arkansas, with roots in El Dorado, continue their tradition of producing great tasting cornbread. So, in 2017 Old Hickory welcomed Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread to our family!

So we sincerely hope you enjoy Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread! Buy, fry it, and try it!!!

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Try it out! We hope you love Old Hickory as much as we do!