What is this Cooking Sauce?? What is the Custom Label bottle?? ONLINE STORE IS UP!

Posted by Taylor Tarlton, V.P. of Operations on May 17th 2017

Hello Old Hickory Fans!

FIRST THINGS FIRST, don't forget to pre-order a t-shirt here by Friday May 19th to enter in for a chance to get a free pint-sized bottle of sauce with your t-shirt!

We have been working on a new recipe, as you probably know, for a BRAND NEW sauce to add to our product line that we call OLD HICKORY COOKING SAUCE. Of course people have been raving about our delicious Old Hickory Barbecue Sauce since 1944 with many loyal followers, but we feel that this new Cooking Sauce takes on a much different flavor that isn't found in our regular barbecue sauce and may be more appealing to some of our customers.

Old Hickory Cooking Sauce is a delicious blend of zesty spices mixed into our rich, thick sauce. We think you could use it with just about any type of cooked meat, as a great alternative cocktail sauce, as a major ingredient in a zesty salad dressing, a fantastic topping for Sloppy Joe sandwiches, or as a general purpose dipping sauce. We think you will love this new addition to the Old Hickory family. Go try our new Cooking Sauce today and see if you like it! We call this new sauce our Cooking Sauce because of its versatility. It has hints of that southern and sweet barbecue sauce that so many people enjoy, but we feel it also offers so many more flavors than other sweet BBQ sauces that are out on the market, which allows it to be used for so many more food applications!

I would like to also take some time and talk about custom labeling opportunities with Old Hickory. If you go to our website you will see different options for custom labels on our Old Hickory sauces or for Holiday labels. Many companies have done this as a way to give out gifts to employees during the holidays, but also to promote their businesses as well during other events. Below is an image and link to the product with some examples of other companies that we have done custom labeling for in the past! Get more information using this link if you are interested!

In other news, our online store is up! Check out our website at www.oldhickorysaucecompany.com for more information on our company and our other products!

Try it out! We hope you love Old Hickory as much as we do!