Posted by Taylor Tarlton, V.P. of Operations on Jul 25th 2017


Hello to all of our loyal customers! So it has been a while since you have heard from us, and there is a good reason why. We have been very busy working on new sauces and other products, along with cooking more sauce to keep up with incoming demand (which we are very excited about!!!).

A couple of weeks ago we had a very productive meeting with Brookshire’s Grocery Company to be able to expand our markets into all the Brookshire’s stores in Arkansas along with some stores just across the state borders into Texas and Louisiana. We are very excited about this opportunity to grow our markets and introduce some new products as we do so. As is the case with most things, this will take some time to get our products incorporated into the Brookshire’s system, but we will keep you, our awesome customers in the know as things unfold.

We have already been able to introduce our Cooking Sauce into the Mac’s Grocery stores in Camden and El Dorado, with plans on taking it to the location in Magnolia as well. We will also keep you updated on when our newer products will be in these locations as well!

MORE NEW products in development!!!

We are VERY pleased to let you know that we have been working on developing a Pepper Sauce, 3 Worcestershire Sauces (Regular, Hot, and Smoke), and a HOT barbecue flavor! Some of these products have been in the works for over 2 years. They are not available in stores yet, but we wanted to give everyone some insight into what we have been cooking up over here at Old Hickory! We are VERY excited about these new products and we hope you will be too!

So first, our Gourmet Pepper Sauce. This sauce is packed with tangy, smoky, and hot flavors that will enhance anything you eat!  As it is with any pepper sauce, we feel different people will enjoy our Gourmet Pepper Sauce on different things. I personally love this sauce on eggs, in stir fries, and as a dipping sauce with a little more kick! 

Second, yes you read that right: THREE flavors of Worcestershire sauce! They work great as marinades, additions in marinades, and as an ingredient in your favorite recipes. We are excited to be able to offer the HOT and SMOKE varieties that are unlike anything we have seen on the market. They add a significant amount of flavor to any recipe and we sincerely hope you love them!

Finally, our HOT flavor of our Barbecue Sauce is for those who want the Old Hickory flavor but like to get that sizzle on their tongues. We believe that our HOT barbecue flavor is a good balance between flavor and heat. We hope that you love it!

We have included the image below to show you a glimpse of what these products may look like! We are still developing some aspects of the artwork, labels, and packaging. In addition, some of the products in the picture have mock-labels, but at least you will get a better picture of what to expect from us in the future!

Try it out! We hope you love Old Hickory as much as we do!